Long time lurker, first time poster. I looked here and in other places for the Raptor: Call of the Shadows soundtrack, and found it; but in .OGG format.

From the .OGG, I spent a couple days with my guitars and computer tabbing the wave 1 song out. The other songs will probably come in time. The tab itself is at least 95% accurate, though I feel as though I should add a bunch of staccato notes, or at least some dynamics on the opening riff. But whatever, it's still pretty cool.

Some nostalgia perhaps? It was a pretty fun game.

Also, a footnote, the song goes up to the 29th fret, but it sounds fine if you transpose the lead and rhythm down an octave.

Probably also good to note that I wrote this in GP6, which is far superior to GP5. If you listen to this song in GP6 it will sound far better, because of all the amazing new RSE.
Wave 1.gpx
Wave 1.gp5
Wave 1.mid