Im lookin for sum gear (pedals) that i can use to get the kind of tone john mayer has.
My amp is a traynor YCV40.
I dont wanna spend more than like $80 on each pedal but the cheaper the better.
Also im trying to get the tone of his older stuff.

So can sumone please help

thanks youuu
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Tubescreamer of some sort. The Ibanez TS7 should do fine.

Also, scoop your mids, crank your bass and treble, and buy a Strat.

You're gonna need a delay too, he uses a Way Huge Aquapuss. Luckily for you, the reissue Aquapuss just came out. It's $150, but worth it.
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ethos overdrive

and all that stuff that raij said but the ethos overdrive is priority one. unless you already own a d-style amp. then you could probably skip the ethos.
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