Well i want to get a band started with a friend. We want r band to have a tone like korn(none of there new stuff lol...old stuff) and riffs like disturbed. I tuned my guitar to drop A and it sounds like crap. It sounds awsome if i play my stuff on one string.......but when i hit power chords it sounds like crap. And when i hit chords like lets say down with the sickness.
Those r the tabs for it.

It sounds bad. I used a digital tuner to tune it to ADGCFA and it sounds horrible when i hit chords. Can anyone axplain this to me or give me an alternate tuning to get this sound but be able to hit chords?
Any help would be appreciated. =)
What strings are you using? If you're using standard strings, they will sound terrible tuned that low.
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Lmfao, you gotta put it in a drop tuning hahahaha.
ledzeppelin7510 wrote:

come on guys, this could be great for Portnoy; remember when Neil Peart left Rush to join My Chemical Romance? Oh...wait...
well then what tuning should i put it in lol. and i bought some ernie ball strings. the guy said these are good for down tuning. so what tuning?
Like mentioned above, the tuning you're using isn't drop A. To get drop A, what you want to do is tune all the strings into B standard ( B E A D F# B) and then drop the tuning of the low E-string (in this case tuned to B) another two semitones, to A.
make sure you are using thick enough strings aswell as the correct tuning, id say at the very least use 11 gauge strings
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Drop A tuning is (A E A D F# B)

And what gauge is ur strings? I think u need atleast 12s for Drop A tuning.
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make sure you are using thick enough strings aswell as the correct tuning, id say at the very least use 11 gauge strings

I don't think 11's are heavy enough. 13's at the minimum.
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I use 10-52's for Drop A#. Drop A is only a half step down, and my strings are alright as they are, not loose or anything like that.

And dude, you're in A standard, which isn't like Drop A whatsoever. Of course when you play power chords in a standard tuning, it's going to sound like ass.

Do what Holycow said. "Drop A tuning is (A E A D F# B)"
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i did what holycow said and it is axactly the sound i wanted. i tpe in drop a tuning on google and no one gave me that. thank u
a seven string or a baritone would also be preferable to make that sound the best.
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something called the scale length?
What scale length is your guitar?
What gauge strings are you using?
I'm guessing its the articulation of the notes
Well, for drop A, I use a 7-string set, and I throw out the lightest gauge. I'll recommend you the same. But, I'm not sure if it is enough.
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