I was going to get to sleep at about 11:30 tonight; then I had an idea.

It's 2:29 AM now, and I can now get to sleep knowing I followed that idea through.
bones and arrows.gp5
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Update in the OP; I did some editing.

I'm still struggling to find a fitting lead for 81-88. :/
Nice feeling through the whole song. A bit sad/depressed but with a somewhat hidden smile.
I like it mostly but there are some things a have to tell you:
you made a choice: put all the brush down/up. It's ugly to hear that in MIDI (especially bar.29-32). But this is guitar pro, so hope you'll do it better live.

-You make here lots of repetitions. You need something other because even there are lots of (good) solos, I'll get bored sometimes. Hope you'll add lyrics or another instruments like a keyboard.

- Erase the eight-note ride bars.73-79. It doesn't fit at all. And make the same for the following drums part.

And an overall crit, try to add things. You create a nice atmosphere but there's so little going on that it doesn't last til the end of the song. Here again a choice to make: shorten it or add things going on.

Hope you will do something with that. I liked it. Really.
It was meant for RSE; if you're listening to it in MIDI, there's going to be a lot of problems... for example, it won't make a lot of the switches between clean and distorted; on the RSE version, Logans part is distorted for pretty much everything but the intro.

Edit: I updated it; if you listen to it in MIDI, it will now make the changes properly. However, I still recommend RSE.
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