I love this guitar and it plays like a dream, but I need cash pretty badly. This is honestly the best playing guitar I've ever layed my hands on, and if you played it you would agree.

Mahogany body with a REAL quilted maple cap.
24.75" Scale length
Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard
Real bone nut
ESPs Thin U neck. (I found it similar to a Gibson '60s neck, but a bit easier to grip and hold on to.)
22 extra jumbo frets
Schaller locking tuners
EMG 81 & 81 (The 81 in the neck actually sounds great. Sounds warmer than the 60 but with less mud than the 85)
The original fitted hardshell case is included.
The guitar absolutely slays through my Peavey XXX, and you're welcome to come try it out if you're interested.
This guitar needs a good home with someone that will take good care of it.

This guitar is a little beat up, as you can see in the pictures, but it effects the playability in no way what-so-ever.
I'm asking $1,050 OBO for this guitar.
Only trades I'll accept are Schecter Blackjack ATX's (C-1 or Solo-6) + Cash on your end, ESP Horizon with the teardrop headstock, or a H-1000 with the teardrop headstock + Cash.
Amp trades would be:
Various VHT/Fryette, Various ENGLs, Mesa Trem-O-Verb or Mark V, Framus Cobra or Dragon.
A VHT UL or Sig:X would be my first choice in amps.
But don't be scared to throw other offers to me.

Tons of good deals on Harmony Central and Sevenstring.org.