im currently thinking over trading my Gibson Faded Flying V (bought 3 weeks ago) for an ESP Horizon FR-II, (the older one with seymours)

which end of the trade would i be getting?
Depends, what is the condition of the ESP?
If it's in good condition I would go for it. The horizon is an awsome guitar!And i'm not so fond of the gibsons faded guitars.
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If it is the real ESP then I qwould, If it's the LTD I wouldn't (note I have no problem with LTD).

Edit: Thinking about it, it depends really, If you are a hard on metalhead and play nothing but metal then I would of swaped, regardless of what brand. But if you play all types of geanres then I wouldn't
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If the Horizon is in good condition go for it. They're wonderful guitars that IMO run rings around the Gibson. Much more versatile
its not an ltd

im in australia and i paid 1150 for the gibbo

online music stores over here say its selling for 3600 something (but thats the newer model that has emgs and a mahogany body, i believe this one has SD's and an alder body)
Then yeah, if its in good condition, and you want a FR equipped guitar, the trade is worth it. the Japanese ESP's are great quality.
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ive gotten a little attatched to the gibson tho

Ah its alright, its only been 3 weeks, if it was 3 months or 3 years then I'd understand.
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is there any chance you can try a ESP horizon out?
They are really great guitars!!

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alright,the ESP is a great guitar,but If you like your gibson(which I can clearly see that you do very much,seeing that you got attached to it within 3 weeks)why should you trade it?

I say,If you are satisfied with your guitar,Dont do it...thats what I think
well that said im not thaaat attached to it

the other guy hasnt emailed me back (after i sent some pics) for a while so i dont know whats happening

ill be dissapointed if it doesnt go thru, but i wont be sad. Im content with my current guitar