Anyone ever heard of a fairly cheap archtop thats not shit? The only good archtops ive played cost at least 1800 AUS, but are there any manufacturers that make a good archtop that has a good degree of playability that doesnt cost a ridiculous amount.
look for the Epiphone Noel Gallagher Union Jack. It may seem a little vulgar to look at but plays better than any other Epi Archtop
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Ibanez Artcore series.

He said archtops that weren't shit.
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He said archtops that weren't shit.

theres nothing shit about ibanez artcores.
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He said archtops that weren't shit.
If that is the best input you have, then just get out of the thread right now. You aren't helping at all. Ibanez Artcores are great guitars, at great prices. I suggest looking at Epiphone Gretsch archtops. They also build quality archtop guitars. Remember! Try before you buy.
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Schecter make all of their guitars with carved tops, it's close enough, and cheap.

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