big prob.. i dove in so far and never got a chance to fit in..
as i learn and play i encounter new sounds... now i have this to work with..
its old.. very old... bad feedback when i connect it and bad feedback in general since i started.. i know it needs new pots but is it me or my amp? the amp is a Kustom, newer version...

Try to clean up the post.
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clean..? uhh.. when i connect it, and it delevers a bad hiss.. same with the rest of my guitars, but this ones worse... its bad, and intolerable... i turned myT.V. off but it stays constant.. is that posting?
Maybe it's the cable your using to plug the guitar onto the amp? Have you tried other cables?
And does the noise change when you touch the strings?
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yes, 6' 12' etc.. im starting to think its how i use the amp.. but how can i **** up a sound that this thing i supposed to make when its on paper?!? ok.. i know that there are limits, but when i hook this damn thing up, everything goes to shit.... i hope it isnt something so minute as a ground wire.. thatll make my day!
i jus got it(the guitar).. using medium gauge nickle strings.. i think its the amp... ?
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i just FOUND the guitar.. SORRY, AND YES, i tried 6' 12' cables, i really think the perpatrator is the amp.. =/.. yes, i get the decrecions with the palms but it still resonances..
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Does the same happen with other guitars on that amp and cable? Probably not.
What guitar is that? Looks like a 70s or 80s SG-like thing. If I'm right, most had terrible pickups that would howl any time you turned the volume up a tad. Might be the picture but to my eyes that action looks about 1/2 inch. A careful setup, check of wiring etc might help and should be done anyway, but probably a pickup change would be the best cure, if all else checks out.
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