Russian Pre and Power Amplifier:

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3-channel tube preamp, a series of SL | LD.
• Fully-tube audio path (5 tube 12AX7) with the possibility of using lamps of different manufacturers separately for a clean and overdriven sounds
• 3 independent channels (Clean, Overdrive, Drive) with switching from foot switch
• Tube parallel loop (switch separately on clean / overloaded sound) with the management of foot switch, softening the sound and digital processing of transient
• Ability to connect a guitar amp input, in power amp and mixer / sound card PC (speaker sim)
• Headphone output
Clean (channel 1):
Regulator "Gain" here plays a key role - for small values of the sound is well suited for sorting out the game, the rhythm of "battle", etc., with high values appear like Fender "glass" crystal clear, transparent sound suitable for blues solos . On the singles get overdrive on this channel is practically impossible, but with the use of powerful Humbucker, combined with the values of the regulator "Gain", close to the maximum, you can get a light crunch. Excellent dynamics, after playing solo rhythm can be identified simply by increasing the attack. There is a 3-band, located BEFORE Gain equalizer for fine tuning the sound. Base Channel - Fender Deluxe.
Overdrive (Channel 2):
Pretty much overloads the sound. Suitable for playing blues, hard rock and heavy metal in the style of 70's - 80's, well behaved and in other styles that do not require "hi-gain" overweight. Clear, warm, rich overtones sounding - flageolet "off" from the fingers, even at low levels Heine. There is a switch to "Bright", which adds a "glass" to your solos, the rhythm will sound as sharper. The presence of 3-band equalizer, located AFTER Gain and Presence control, you can create a wide palette of sounds. It uses 2 lamps. Base Channel - Soldano SLO-100.
This channel is great friends with the "warmers", for example, with the Ibanez Tube Screamer. This allows you to achieve a dense and powerful "hi-gain"-sounding, different in structure from the Channel Drive.
Drive (Channel 3):
Very tight, aggressive, heavy, greasy "hi-gain" overdrive - "the same" California sound. Stock Gain unbelievable. Excellent feel the heat lamp and compression. The sound is very versatile - good going as oppressive solo a la Gary Moore, and a tight rhythm of the hardest styles of "metal". Good readability in low order. There is a 3-band EQ, located after Heine. Regulator Presence will make your party into the mix. Base Channel - Soldano SLO-100.

E-Mail: rnrsound@yandex.ru
icq: 394467997
Vkontakte http://vkontakte.ru/club6024118 http://preamp-rnr.narod.ru/

What do you think about this ?
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I'd like to see a gutshot.
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This can be misconstrued as advertising...but since I am sure many of us are interested in small builders and companies like yours, so if you can, get some clips up.
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I like the fact that it only takes up one rack space. Very nice!
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Really like the pick attack. Sort of "twangy", even with the high gain.
Also, you don't see many toroidal transformers in guitar amps. What kind of implications does this have for the tone?
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What's changed? )) Less interference and higher reliability. Toroid - the best!

And anyway, what difference does that inside! The main thing - the sound! Look for it instead of radio components ....
One problem. Russian.
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what is the exact problem?

The problem is Axeaman is being a dick.
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