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Dust and dirt and fertile lands,
Rowed for cultivation,
Crafted by sun-hardened hands,
Feed my civ'lization.
People come and people go,
Swiftly as the seasons.
There is no oil, there is no gold,
But people have their reasons.
We are a people tried and true,
Standing proud of who we are.
Though we may not much wealth accrue,
Riches dwell within our hearts.

my bed is filled with the voices of many people
a place that I once called sanctuary now tainted with crowds
familiar faces, familiar conversations,
familiar feelings of connection wired through a telephone
sunrises spied through the window of another night alone
clutching on to whoever can relate, but...

my town is filled with the cries of many people
cloistered all in little houses, faces lit in television glow
like flickering hungry angels with nothing to eat
there is no fruit here, in the bowling alleys and subdivisions
they need violence and laughter and love
but there is only emptiness
there is only shelter and no place to be alone

my head is filled with the sighs of many people
as they sit in their cars and stare at the traffic light above
wondering what they will say to their old boring friend
when they sit and meet in the cafe,
speak of all the other people,
sip on coffee, eat a danish,
hope and pray that they are entertaining enough to feel like
a goddamn piece of something or other in
this great big shit pile of somethings.

and the deer and the deer and the deer
dig up holes to hide from the sun
and the cranes and the tractors and
the great big lawnmowers of death
and most of all, the sad people
that have so graciously taken their homes.

the dusty farm road
in the hot summer heat
trying to find my way back home
ive played in these fields
ive harvested the golden crop
but thats so long ago
these seed of lifes been sewn
im alone
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