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Cois Ba

the most stressful thing in my life
was once getting a Premiere League player card I already had,
down a lane when I was twelve I was shot in the leg with a pellet gun
by my best friend and I still have the scar.
now trees are growing on the grass we tired so hard to wear down
the jumpers we used as goal posts are in the bin, or hand me downs for siblings,
facial hair and stomach muscles have replaced chinese burns
toy shops we visited every thursday have been replaced with over priced cafes,
home is just a place name for geographical purposes, people make the difference sometimes.
but if home is where the heart is well that really is a shame
either I never had a heart or I was never introduced to this place.

portrait as cranberry township pennsylvania
I play games that will eventually decode the future

Hair mizzled with dirt that fell to it
from the ceiling of your hole,
you recede with tickles that linger
from the roots and the worms
and flocks of birds that nest over your head,
darkened hands and knees that last all day.
Hopefully your mother doesn't come home tonight,
and we can wash the mud away in your neighbor's pool,
then run as fast as we can back over the fence
and the bridge where they filmed night of the living dead
to Mr. Grady's front porch swing, dripping and waiting
for the time to inhale goodbyes and resign to saying nothing at all
in the breezy pulse before sunrise
your cheek against my chest while my eyes follow the azimuth line.

This way's yours and that one's mine.

on the faceless coast
with a park full of banyans
and pre-teens smoking weed
cops coming up and saying
"what's that you got there?"
and them saying
"nothing at all"
and Mr. Cop taking a hit
and seagulls face ****ing
beachgoers' picnics
while depressedly murky seawater
laps at the docks acidic, full of
beer bottles(broken) and
boater piss,
bums infesting the sidewalks,
twice a week a lucky one's beaten by those
it barely makes the local evening news,
nobody really cares,
lots of horns are honked
and nobody knows anybody but all think they do,
and yacht clubs are on parallel streets with
crack houses,

is this place where I come from and
love. I would
ever go back.
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