im going to start up a online metal band called Second-hand Sloughter House its going to be pretty aggressive for the most part but still like BFMV if u now what i mean
give more detail, and I could possibly help ya out, I've been shreddin' the axe for 2 years.
would possibly be interested as I recently started learning the theory behind the metal genre
I have been in many metal bands, and I could easily help you out. I can help you with guitars and vocals, because I am experienced in both. I've been playing and singing for around 7 years, so I'm not bad. Give me some more details and I think we can do something.
I would offer my services on the old axe but there's like 4 guitarists banging at your door already. meh
You my friend, are worthy of a HIGHFIVE!!!
If you want any screams/growls done, hit me up
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well if one of u guys nows how to blend all the music together( couse i have no idea how) id be happy to let you in this band P.S.ill need youre emails to make communicating easier if youre in the band