Just listen to some different music, learn some different scales, and practice your nads off.
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when you say boring what do you mean?

pentatonically boring would be my 1st guess as that's where most ppl start,
try playing a different scale if you will over each chord. take a random progression like i don't know... E A D B and play Eminor penta, A minor penta, D minor penta, B minor penta over each chord and try and connect it so its flowing.
I think that, obviously, practicing a lot and learning new scales/sounds to incorporate is a big part. Also, I think it always definitely helps to be constantly working on technique, so that side of things is always getting better.

But, one thing I think can help immediately that I like to do, is step back a little when you're playing a solo and really try to work on playing melodically. I think about trying to play melodies that I could sing if I needed to. For me, I've found that this helps me to be more connected with what I'm playing and gets me away from just playing a bunch of random notes that my fingers know how to go to. It's just something that I do when I start feeling like I'm playing a bunch of boring stuff.