Hi, I recently bought an Ibanez (Non prestige).
It came with d'addario strings (I don't know what gauge they use as default).
And I want to tune it to Drop D.
My question is: Does this lack of tension in E string affect the neck? Specially neck warping?
I love my axe more than my family and I die if it's neck get warped!
Ibanez RG321MH
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nah man drop tuning one string is perfectly fine for the neck, i have drop d and c and a on my guitars and its fine, only really a problem if like half the strings are waayyyy down
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Ibby's come with D'addario 9's usually... just so ya know.... and yeah, what jackson DKMG said.....

It might change your set up though.... you may need to tweak action, intonation etc, etc
No, just tuning to Drop D won't negatively effect the guitar at all. Guitars with vibrato bridges need to be set up when they're tuned down at all, but yours is a fixed bridge so no problem there; tuning down quite far (e.g. B Standard) would require a proper set up and new strings for any guitar, but you're only tuning one string down a little bit so there's no problem there either.

The only thing you might want to do is raise the height of the sixth string's bridge saddle, which will help stop that low D from buzzing too much.
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