This is something a lot different from what I usually write so I don't really know how to continue this, I think it's pretty good and it's actually the first thing I wrote that only has Guitars, Bass and Drums and doesn't actually sound like there's something missing. I'd like to do something Progressive with it.

Any ideas, changes, critics are welcome!

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Edit: I added some Keyboard Leads and a Keyboard Solo. I'm not good at writing solos but I did my best . I also continued the song a little but I'm stuck again.. What do you think?
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Unnamed Thingy Edit I.gp4
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I do like the intro and the riff from 3-12 alot. at 12 i think you should add a pad or some sort of lead instrument. Maybe a solo guitar there? Otherwise its just the same riff as before with a slightly different drum beat.

The groovy part is awesome though. that riff is amazing especially the end of 23. I love that right there.
That sounded really, really damn fine, sir. My only problem were the fact that the symbols on the drums were REALLY LOUD... try using your pitch bar and putting things like China, Crash's and Ride Cymbals on something like.. Mezzo piano. It will make your song sound much better.

The groovy part was really nice, I liked that! But I thinks it would sound much better without the cowbells. Good job on the bass, too. You nailed the bluesy bass style.

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Good "thingy". The intro may sound better if I listen to it with headphones, it's good.
I liked the rhythm at the break, I'd recommend you some slaps on the bass, on bars 6 and 10.
I'm gonna agree with the guy above me and say you need a solo or something like that at the "A Complete" part. "Groovy stuff" was awesome, with the bass slaps and the little guitar harmonies, plus that little disco music lick at bar 23.
To get this thing progressive, continue with the groovy stuff and add some keyboards playing chords progressions, and then get the metal stuff back and throw some singing parts, or keyboards solo, or guitar-keyboards harmonies.

Breakdown in the intro is good, I just don't like the cymbals you put over it. I would put bass drum with the breakdown and maybe china or splash on the 1 and 3 or the 2 and 4 (if that makes sense :s) except for the last measure, which the snare sounded good on.

The break sounds good, but instead of just hitting on the E chord, maybe move it a bit, to like a G, and try to make some kind of cool progression there. I'm assuming the main instrument in this part is the keyboard, so if you make a cool chord progression, it'll highlight it a bit more. Of course you'll have to change the keyboard a bit, but I think it'll be worth it. Just my 2 cents. The measure of 3/4 is good, but I would change the keyboard a bit. I didn't care for it too much.

Solo sounds great, but at measure 18 I would change the 15 to a 19, it seems to fit your scale a bit more

Groovy thing seems to do what it needs, it sounds good, it sets the mood.

I really liked the bass part, it seemed really strong and I never see any bands doing it as good as you did. Nice job! I would take out the chord at the end of that riff, it just doesn't seem to fit, i think you should go right into another riff from there instead of a chord.

Overall, 8/10, sounds good, but it could use a bit of improvement.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1335824
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