How do you tune to Db when I'm already like so...
d a d g b e
Thanks! need help.
Well from D standard that'd just be a semitone lower on each string?

Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. Or you could tune to Eb standard and just then drop the bottom E to a Db.
everything down a half step from there

Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

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Drop Db. I'm playing The Psalm of Lydia by Nevermore. but how do i drop a semitone? do i just go to forth fret and do the picking. i dont know how to do it on a tuner..thnaks again.
To tune down a half step from Drop D:

Play the sixth fret on the fifth string and lower the open sixth string to match it. Play the seventh fret sixth string and open fifth string and match them. Tune the rest like you normally would.

I think that's what TS was asking.
To be completely accurate you'll definitely need to use a tuner of some sort; flat tunings can be a bit of a pain to get sounding right by ear. Your tuner should tell you when you've dropped to the Db, at least it should if it's a half decent one!
Wrong wrong wrong wrooooooooong!

If he's talking about drop Db, the above are correct, but for Db standard you're wrong. DADGBE, which OP wrote, is drop D, not D standard. So from there, drop all strings but the low D string one step, then drop EVERY string a HALF step, that'll take you to Db standard.

I guess op beat me to it pardon.
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