Hello all, i am selling a Squier strat that has been completely overhauled, the finish has been sanded off and replaced with a collage of beer labels, then laquered, not proffesional quality laquer so could use some work, the pickguard is cream with one irongear hotslag pickup, 1 vol and a killswitch

i am also selling a les paul copy, also beer label finished, standard lp set up

the pedal is an ehx holy stain, mint condish, used twice, with box etc

the third guitar is a dean dime o flage, its been well used, with a few hairline cracks and buckle rash, it has an irongear hammerhead bridge

make me an offer for any of these, pics on request

nottingham area, id prefer collection as i dont have a case for any of the guitars, but i do have some boxes lying around if you need them posting