I'm sooo happy right now. I think you guys know that feeling. Just bought a Squier classic vibe 50's strat in white. I bought it used, but meh, it's like new. The previous owner said, the he bought the guitar, played it for a week and then decided he wanted humbuckers, so yeah, i bought almost a new guitar for half the price! Can't believe it. It feels, looks and sounds wonderfull. This is my first strat also, and a step up from my crappy epi lp 100. I saw a lot of people saying, that these guitars are great, some may even compare to lower end (not the 5000$) american fenders. So yeah, i took this picture with my phone, so nothing fancy, may shoot some better pictures with my camera later.
nice! i have a mim fender strat that looks exactly like that but with a white guard!!

how dose that baby sound?

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Very nice can't go wrong with the classic vibes. I would change that pickguard to a white one though.

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beautiful guitar man congrats. I would keep the gold pickguard actually if it was me, i rather like it!
Thanks guys! It sounds great. For the pickguard, maybe i'll leave it for a month or so and when it gets boring, ill get tortoiseshell or white guard, i think they both look good on a white strat.
Quick question, how are these routed, could you take a peek for me?

Nice find, i obviously can't stand squiers
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Love the colour scheme I wouldnt change the pickguard as it matches the fretboard so nicely. HNGD!
That'd look sweet with a pearloid pickguard. HNGD!
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Very nice. I agree with ch0, a Pearloid pickguard would look awesome.
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Sod this noise, I really like the pickguard you've got on it right now. It's sexy as all hell.

CV Strats aren't MiA level, because that'd be ridiculous. They are, however, some of the best guitars you'll ever find in the sub £500 market. Fantastic stuff. So, happy NGD.

Happy Stratin'.
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I would go white with it (i'd give you my extra pick guard if I could ) but that's a very nice looking guitar. Hope you like it. The necks on those things are butter.

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Awesome colour combo man. HNGD
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Thanks guys! When i said, that some people compare these to MIA strats, i meant a really good CV feels like lower end MIA. Well that's what i heard. The only thing i don't like is the bridge block, which is really thin, so i think i am going to replace that. Oh and also, i'll wire the birdge pickup to the tone control.