so i plan to change my tubes in my peavey 5150 block letter
but i don't know which to choose.
i have heard that mesa tubes sound great in 5150's

the sound im going for is a metalcore sound
if you have suggestions let me know
No matter what you order, be sure you order from a personal supplier.

(Like www.eurotubes.com).

The problem is that the 5150 is a "fixed bias" amp and they are usually biased quite cold. If you order from someone, be sure you tell them you're ordering for a 5150 so that they can get you some tubes that run hotter.

Personally, I've used JJ 6L6GCs in the two 5150s I used to have. Those were the best sounding tubes I used (I also tried Sovtek, Groove tubes, and Electro-Harmonix).

Go with the JJs. They have that darker and heavier sound that suits Metalcore.
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I've never had good luck with Mesa tubes - I think they are cheap, generic tubes that Mesa just slaps their name on. JJ's or Phillips tend to be people's go-to 6L6 for high gain amps. I personally like Svetlana tubes - they can handle extremely high currents and hot operation (what I use in my Soldano, which is always cranked).
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