I've been looking into buying a wah, and I want to use it both for funky cleans, and with distortion. So i need some versatility

The top 3 im looking at are the weeping demon wd7, the vox V847A, and the dunlop 535q

Alot of people have said that certain wahs aren't good for high gain...one of my favorite wah tones is man in the box by alice in chains here's a live vid of the song, wah part starts at 0:22 .

Does that count as the "high gain" everyone says to beware of? And which wah would anyone recommend?

Oh yea, my gear is a Hss strat and a fender superchamp
I don't have any experience with eh Weeping Demon.

Vox is great for dirty tones (blue rock, grunge, etc). Never tried it for high gain stuff - test it out in a store.

I owned the 535 for years, and it always fell short across the board for me. It was very OK at getting a lot of different tones, but never did one well. IMHO stay away from this pedal.
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I have the newer GCB-95F and that works awesomely with cleans and high gain.

I didn't like the Weeping Demon too much. The features are nice but they didn't work well for my setup at all. Especially clean wah. It had some sort of distorted noise which sucked.
hmmm, i guess i need to try these out in a store... the GCB-95f seems like a good suggestion too
Quote by Cold Flame44
hmmm, i guess i need to try these out in a store... the GCB-95f seems like a good suggestion too

That's a good idea.

The Wizard wah is a good one also. I probably have about 14 different wahs right now and I modify wahs just about every day. I do this for a living so I have just about tried all of them out there. I received the 95f in a trade a while ago and it's clearly the best one of all I have. I haven't even thought about modifying it at all.

There is one that I've been wanting to try. The GigFx Mega Wah. It seems really good so you might want to consider that one also.
well the wizard wah is way out of my price range...i want to keep it around $100, the highest I can do is around $130 or so...

But yea I'll go try some out, thanks for all the help