Pretty bad, apart from Pinky and the Brain, which made me laugh, sort of.
well Thanks! for all your support..im just so stoked by my new musical career path...
i see great things...great things

and i guess you didnt notice my awesome phase shifting technique. but thats ok..im still in the process or perfecting that
Clint Eastwood - Fun one, nice use of layering of voices. I have no idea how the idea how the original sounds, but this one definitely put a smile on my face. Try to reduce mic boom if you can.

Pinky and the Brain - I loved watching when I was younger, so funny! Even bigger smile on my face! haha, good layering of voices to make a sort of choir effect. You could be good at comedy songs!

Folsom Prison - Singing is a bit off here, the harmonies i mean. The main low voice seems alright, just the rest is a bit distracting - maybe leave that in as the guitar fits well with it.

Surrounded by darkness - Cool riffs, try to complete this with some vocals and this could be a really cool rock song! Tell me when it's done!

Comment on mine? Thanks