I have a few pieces of Strat for sale:

1. Mint green pickguard from Yngwie model Strat, has some pickwear but overall in good shape. $23 SHIPPED (US)

2. Set of 1994 MIM Fender Strat pickups, look and work fine. lots of lead left and pickup covers included. $30 SHIPPED (US)

3. Nicer 90's Squier Strat Neck. Feels very much like a mid 90's MIM Strat neck I have (and has same tuners!). Has skunk stripe (newer Squier necks generally do not), medium frets, C shape. Comes with tuners, string retainer, ready to bolt on and use. Has been sprayed with amber lacquer and had repro 50's decal applied. Nice vintage look. Has nicks, dings, from use but overall is in very good shape. Frets have plenty of life left in them. $80 SHIPPED (US)

would you be willing to send the neck to australia? if so how much for shipping?
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