I reckon, if you calmed the ending down a little bit, and kept the whole 'childish' vibe going on... you could sell that to some TV show and make a little bit of money! For what it is, it is good, the ending is abit.. well, woh. But, if you maybe, 'filled' it up some more without overdoing it, it would be really good.

Perhaps a little variation, or some bass?

Just ideas, it's all yours

If you want to criticise/comment, here's mine.
it's mindnumbingly happy, but I like it

I like when the synths and acid bass kicks in though, it's like a musical seizure (in a good way)!

I think I would've liked it more if it were mainly a techno track, but that's just me. I really like the layering and all, though, and it's a short, entertaining piece.

Anyways, if you want, check out the song in my sig?
this made me smile haha, i guess you achieved the happy kids show theme. the end was overkill in that respect but musically it was my favorite part, use it for something else dude. nice job though
I say keep the ending, it keeps the melody alive and makes it more interesting. I think a kid would like the change.

5/5 for its purpose. 3/5 normally because it doesn't change much, and I'm a proggy kinda guy.
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It needs a nice set of vocals over it, but for a kids' show, it sounds like exactly what people would want, a nice, simple, "regular" set of chords with an interesting rhythm. Except for the end, I don't think that would go over well in a kids' show, but I loved it! XD
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As most people have said, the main piano parts are very good and fit well for a Kids TV Theme.

The techno part is rather crazy, but good. Don't really know if it fits the song though.
Dude, the first part is amazing like until the 4-piece part comes in, it's really hard to say anything in specific about the intro, but it's awesome, and when the techno comes in it becomes more rave lol. So these kids grow up as they listen. First you're converting their language and then you're converting their movements into raves. I can see it now. Your Dora the Explorer rip off TV show, with a music video following each episode lol. That would be fly.

But be honest you could get your song on a TV show, frillz dawg. If I ever make a child's show I'll hitcha up dawgie doo basket of muffins.
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Alright, first off. The drum and piano thing 1-42, I loved the tone of it, it was very happy sounding. Made dance in my seat a little (Literally). I can really imagine this in a kid's TV show and I can see kids dancing to this in front of their tv sets. The whole thing was played twice though and it just got kinda redundant, I think you really need to cut the intro. It gives things more replay value when you don't have things replayed in the song.

Then (43-60), I love how it kicks off into what sounds (In my opinion) like a sort of space tone. My only complaint is that the synth tracks were way too loud, I was listening to this on MIDI and it sort of just blasted in my ears, not sure if you were using RSE or something, but, yeah. A bit too loud.

So from what it has, it's a solid track, very happy sounding, loved the whole space vibe it kicked into at the end.

Now from what it didn't have (what I'd like to suggest), cut down the first part like I said earlier, and give more of a space sound. The tone with the space sounds is still kinda the same. I loved the notes and the rhythm, but I felt like it could be longer, and needs a rhythm note change. Maybe try a more sad or worried tone, then have it kick back into the happy tone you have going on. It'll give it more variety and make it more interesting.

Actually, the whole track 5 sequence, I loved. That's the sound I was meaning when I said a more worried tone, try emphasizing more on that sound that have going on there, then kick back into the happy space tone, and you might have yourself something really awesome and worth showing tv producers (If that's your aim).

Great work, I really enjoyed it.

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