Aha, I quite enjoyed that. Was very nice, perhaps putting some more variation in there would benefit, but, as it is, I thought that was really good! I think you should tab out the 'improv' in some shape or form, like, as an example, so we can truly hear it
I took the piss to be honest and added a lot to your song, but the foundations are exactly what you laid. I saw a lot of potential in what you'd written so I thought I'd have a stab at adding to it to see if you liked it. Anyway I hope you do, and even if you don't it'll at least hopefully give you something to think about.
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sounds more posthardcore than proggy. but to me thats a good thing. i love posthardcore and this sounded really good. I think a lot more could be done to it. So much about it is beautiful but it seems like its missing some kind of legit chorus.
Pretty good song though.

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I like what frankibo did btw.
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Sounds like a lot of the music being written today... not that it's a bad thing. But I really don't like this kind of stuff. But I will make a stab at a critique anyways.

The cowbell thing in the beginning sounds bad. Remove that, and have two bars of the seashore fading in. Would fit the mood better. The clean lead is fantastic, but I would like to see it put to better use. And by better use, I think it should serve as a fading out on an outro, to be honest. It would be a good way to just calmly end the song, specifically after the ending of a great solo.

The leads on top of it are really good. I like them there. I also like the repetitiveness (that's weird to say), it sets a good mood throughout the song. The improve section is alright. It could use something to make it sound less boring, though. The lead coming off of the improve was excellent, but I cringed when you ended it too soon. You should have had it repeat once more.

The ending should not stop, and keep repeating, and fading out.

But the song wasn't really that bad, considering I really don't like a lot of music from this genre. But job well done.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1334993
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