is a bc rich guitar a good choice to get because i need some advice as im thinking of getting a BC Rich Avenge SOB and i was wondereing if they are a good brand or not. extra info is that the bc rich guitar im getting is £199.99 is that good or bad?
The lower end B.C. Riches like that practically fall apart. Try out one of the lower end ibby's
Give one a play and see what you think. My Squier Tele Custom cost £170 and is a really nice guitar for me. I have more expensive guitars but enjoy playing it.

Unless you are OK about setting up your own guitars buying from a good guitar shop is a good idea as they will set the guitar up well for you.
SOB is a good model. Buy it. I receantly buyed a Beast Nt waiting its arrival..
@vaca11 - this is an avenge SOB, it's not much better than Warlock bronze, and it has got only one B.S.D.M pickup. I wouldn't recommend this guitar.
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The higher end B.C. Rich's I've tried are pretty solid. The problem is, the low end ones really suck nuts
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I own 3 BC Richs

-BC Rich Bich Metal Web (with EMGs, locking tuners)
-BC Rich Afterburner
-BC Rich Warlock (EMG bridge pick up)

All look great. All play nice. The sheer power BC Metal Web blows away any other metal guitar in my stable (including Jackson Kelly KE3)

Secret....in total (for all 3) they cost less than $500 including 2 custom gator cases!!!!!!!

There are LOTS of A-1 condition 'used' BC Rich guitars for sale.

Every kid wants one....90% give up guitar and sell their axe....

If you buy 'used' and hate it, you can resell it for what you bought it for. Buy a metal guitar for $400 new and try to resell it....you 'might' get $150. Metal guitar players have no financial brains.
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