Just got a ND-1 today for $180. It's in pretty much pristine condition! Here's the box:

Here's the delay all plugged in:

Here's the family

and a short video, excuse my volume knob because it likes to be finnicky!


This delay is pretty sweet and feature packed. One of my favorite things about this is the audio tempo... I can hold the tap button and strum a rhythm and it picks that up. Also, there is spill over which is really useful if I want to swell a chord, switch the delay off, play some notes over it, and then switch back and do another... The LCD display is great cause it gives me exact values for each and every one of the knobs, and I can switch between MS and BPM for the delay time. The presets are ok to scroll through, but it could be a lengthy process for someone on stage, but there are mods that somewhat fix this, and you can turn unused presets off... All in all this thing sounds amazing through the AC15.. I feel like the Edge at times.

People tend to suggest the ND-1, the timefactor, the timebender and the dl4 when talking about the highest end digital delays. Now, the timefactor pretty much easily beats these other delays, but it is $400 new. The DL-4 and the ND-1 are in the exact same price margin, so it's a toss up there but the ND-1 seems to cater to a more "professional" group with its precise displays and the like. All in all the thing that probably separates the ND-1 from these other delays is the lack of a looper, which was fine with me... I don't need that so I went for the ND-1, getting it used for $180...
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OoOohh very pretty.

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