Why would I sell this great guitar? We're moving back to US and need the funds to do it.
This has been THE guitar of my life, a real work horse. It has "been around the block" in fact, almost all the way around the world and quite honestly has the scars to prove it. One of it's nicer 'scars' is Adrian Belew's signature scrawled on it under the pick guard. It also has some screw holes where it once had a rare 'Gizmotron' (a Godley and Creme invention) mounted on it. I figure a couple of diamonds or rhinestones would be a lovely filler. The finish is crackly and is also rubbed off from the arm wear. The neck is in great shape as I've been using it for slide for the last 20 + years.
The sound of this guitar is full, sweet and vibrant. It's played everything from 'psychedelic acid rock' to 'country', Led Zeppelin to... well just about everything!

Made In America, 1972 Fender Telecaster 1952 Reissue - asking $6000 and will ship worldwide currently from Germany (from August on it will be shipped from USA.)
The original tweed case is included but I would suggest getting another as it is quite 'fatigued'. A friend that had borrowed it for a little while had cats that scratched the case up pretty badly. Cats.
Got any questions? Feel free to contact me!

Here's some pictures...