I recently bought a sonuus g2m with intentions on playing live with it however the latency is too noticeable to play live (about 30ms). this really bothered me to realize that what i needed wasnt a guitar to midi converter but a high speed guitar to midi converter. so what is the best way to do this?

looking online i see that the gk-3 is pretty popular but it is incredibly expensive and requires me to make alterations to my guitar. ill also need to buy a pedal or some sort of roland 13-pin unit. is it really the best?

based on your experience and knowledge, what is the best guitar to midi converter for playing live?
Define 'play midi' a bit more. Do you mean changing effects via midi or setting off samples via midi or what? The more specific you are the more people can help.
[O.¬] - WTF?
i want to convert the guitar into a midi signal to play patches from midi soundfonts.