Welcome UG, care for a snifter of brandy?

Too bad! I've got a song for you to hear though, I covered House of Cards by Radiohead. Laid down the keyboards last night, vocals today. Thar she blows!

MySpace is wigging out on me and won't let me put it at the top of my playlist, so, apologies for making you scroll down that business.

Anyway, I'll crit back on anything. Much love!
Love it, you seem really skilled at EQing (to an amateur like me). Not familiar with the original song so I can't say anything in relation to that, but I really enjoyed listening to this I don't have anything bad to say, sorry! If you get the time, crit "Poke" on my profile?

Bloody amazing. ou're voice isn't Thom Yorke but the way that you've put this together.. I actually prefer your instrumentation and Radiohead are my favourite band at the moment so that's saying alot. If you ever want to jam or colab or even take my songs and make them good let me know
Hah, I'd never claim to be at Thom's level...where are your tunes for my listening pleasure? I'm interested.