Just saw Hillel Slovak show off his rig and man I loveeee the morley super fuzz.

Where can I find one? Or what can compare with it that is pretty much almost the same?

I was thinking of getting the MJM London Fuzz 2.

I play stuff like hendrix, red hot chili's, blues, rock, classic rock, funk.

I love the fuzz fat and creamy with nice sustain...Any suggestions?

Might get the London Fuzz now...see how I get on with it for the summer, but if it hasn;t enough fuzz for me...sell it and buy the china fuzz perhaps?

EDIT: Can the london fuzz 2 be powered by a DC brick?
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I bought a Way Huge Swollen Pickle recently.
I compared it to the Mastertron.

Both real versatile The SP sounded more organic and the Matertron was a bit -to my ears - digital sounding . The Mastertron has switchable bass voices and was designed with active pickups in mind (it has an control that lets you tailor it for the type of pickups you use). If you want a nice fuzz for metal, check them both out. I went with the Pickle. It sounded warmer and liked my OD pedal better - plus I could match most of the Mastertrons tones. They did sound really amazing together though. Super heavy with a really smooth, deep fuzz - but I cant afford both of them.

Also, check out Devi Ever. I think fuzz is her specilty - and her prices are very reasonable. I'm digging the Hyperion and the Shoe Gazer.

Stay away from the Fuzz Factory if you want a straight forward easy to use fuzz pedal.
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oh man all these choices.

I like that Zvex one. I could buy on used right now for £70 ? Should I?????

That wattson one is way nice too Choices!!!

I'm thinking either...

MJM London Fuzz 2
MJM china Fuzz
Zvex Mastetron

I said what I play above a bit earlier

Opinions? thanks