i've been learning to sing for a couple of months now, and when i sing with absolutely no background music, it sounds a lot better than when i try to sing with background music (karoake)

is this an issue for other people?

i feel like the tones from the music throw my pitch off (maybe i cant hear myslef as well)

i play guitar and i wanna sing and play so i really want to work this out
Practice practice practice
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Sounds even worse when I'm using earbuds, but that's just me being stupid.
That's very odd, usually it's the other way around. The fact of the matter is that you're probably have poor muscle memory and have difficultly hitting notes, which is why you struggle singing along with other songs. Without music there's no requirement so you're just winging it, putting no particular emphasis on what pitches you project and just judging how good it sounds by your tone. Keep practicing with songs and start running up and down scales and other vocal exercises.
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