I need a backup bass for gigging etc. and I have a budget of £400. I play pretty much every genre and I don't really have a preference of active / passive pickups. I am open to any suggestions and I will try the bass out before I buy one but I would like some suggestions to try out.


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a fender squier 5 string is probably pretty good, and it's cheap, or you could look at some of the cheaper ibanez models.
RIGHT, incoming list.

Ibanez ATK305, roughly £400. More than a match for a Musicman Stingray if you ask me. Great triple coil pickup and preamp for a ****tonne of tones.

Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V, £200-300. Don't knock it because it's cheap. This this bass is seriously good. Only alterations I'd make are some copper shielding and a new neck (easily paid for with the money you'd save ) so you don't have a plastic fretboard and you can have 5 in-line tuners.

Second hand Mexican Fender Jazz/Precision V, £200-400. Some very good, some very bad. Make sure you try before you buy.

Most Trabens, £dunno. Often overlooked for some reason. I think you can get all of them as 5 strings and they are seriously good value.

Warwick Rockbasses, not as good as the real thing but worth a look. I think the Vampyre and Fortress models are the only ones that go about £400.

More basses that I know to be good with less detail:
Yamaha BB415
Yamaha RBX series.
Ibanez SR/SRX/BTB (A few people dislike them but its personal preference. You can always count on good gear from Ibanez.)
Peavey Grind (never played but I only hear good things.)
Schecter Stilletos (various series).

I could give you more options if you tell us what you want out of it?
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-Ibanez SR505
-Ibanez ATK305
-MiM Jazz 5
-Douglas/Brice 5'r

Of all those, i'd emphasize the Ibanez SR505.