If I remember right from when I was helping my former bassist look for an amp, 200W is about what you want for gigging, but you're prolly better off in the Bass forum.
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An Ampeg BA-115 is great, and pretty much standard faire for smaller bass amps. They sound great, and can get decently loud without micing. There's a 100w and a 220w model both of which are fine for smaller venues.
Hey dude,

If you want a good small amp for bass giging, i'd reccomend:


- GK MB210 ( http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gallien-Krueger-MB210-2x10-500W-Ultralight-Bass-Combo-Amp?sku=581053 ) It's stupid light weight and a good 500W @ 4ohms. It's best part is that you can add an extension cab. The MB210 with a 1x15 is awesomeeee. If you'd feel okay with JUST a combo... i'd also reccomend the GK MB212. A lil' bit more oomph than the MB210... but no extension cab capability.

Not Cheap:

- Mesa Walkabout Scout ( http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/WalkSct112 ) Hella expensive, but it's THEE go-to bass combo these days. Louder than you will ever need. It's also Tube.

- SWR Redhead 2x10 combo ( http://www.guitardiscount.com/browse.cfm/swr-redhead-bass-combo/4,16064.html ) Another expensive one, but also highly regarded in the bass circles.

Hope it helps! IMHO, i'd go with the GK MB210 in a heartbeat...

FWIW: The ampeg ba-115 just doesn't have the volume to compete with much unless it's mic'd. The Orange is okay... i'm not a fan of the Orange bass tone though... so i'd pass.
Get a nice 2x10 cabinet and a small head. An ashdown 300 mag would be ideal.
Remember you need more power then the guitarists because the bass freqs cant be heard as much. But always get something with headroom.
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