Yeah so I just signed up yesterday and just logged in for the first time today. I've been looking on Ultimate-Guitar.com for tabs for ages and have found that it's the best site for tabs; I love this damn site. I've learned almost all of the songs I know using this site. I've just got into the guitar pro tabs, however. I'm trying to learn Revelations by The Crimson Armada, and it says I need guitar pro to see the tab, but I have the guitar pro 6 demo. Will it not work for the demo? Do I need the full program? I have no money for the full program, paying rent's a bitch already, I can't afford the $30+ for the program; I'm living off of pancake mix (LOL)!
Instead of buying GuitarPro, you can download TuxGuitar for free; it's open source, so it's completely legal. Check out their website. It'll let you play your tabs.

EDIT: TuxGuitar will open GuitarPro and PowerTab guitar tabs.
As far as I know, the guitarpro 6 demo-file won't let you open other tabs, besides the demo's. I myself have Guitarpro 5 and find it to be easier to work with in general though.

Seeing as you have no money to buy the program, my advice would be to download Tux-guitar. It's free software, resembling guitarpro and the likes, and you can open Guitarpro files with it. A simple search in google is sufficient to find a spot to download it.


So... yeah, what the guy above me said.
Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; man got to sit and wonder, 'Why, why, why?'
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Thanks so much guys. You really saved me with this one. I owe you dudes a big one. At first I thought I'd be trolled, but I guess U-G's users are friendly. I really appreciate the help guys. :]
I‘ve got guitar pro 5 if you need.Unfortunately there're many tabs cannot be openned still.But most of them are working pretty well.
Say hi to all.I am a guitar beginner from China.Started playing in 2009.Wishing to know more friends who plays guitar well.