what do you say?
how does the cleans comapred?
how does the volume and volume break compared?
how does the gain/lead compared?
anything else compared.
if ill change my frontman to peavey would there be a large diffrence?
i've found a guy who sells the peavey for 190$ and in Israel its realy cheap(almost 1/3 the price).
i could sell my frontman 25R for about 500NIS witch is 110$.
whould it be worth the 80$ spended?
what about gigs and home usage?
btw, i caculated the prices as NIS-DOLLAR witch is 3.88+16% value added tax.
well.. then its even beter...
how about next time answer if you experience both?
I see so many threads about Israeli people having to pay insane prices for guitar gear, seems to me like the Israeli government doesn't want you to have good gear.

On topic, I really like the Peavey studio pro and if its within your budget I would say go for it.
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actualy my budget could be higher, i have 250$ now and im getting 40$ each day of work(4$ an hour, is it cool?) so i could get up to 400-500$+100$ from fender sell, but i cant find good second hand sells in that price.
more opinions please.
well gear is very expensive here
goverments suck everywhere
4$ per hour here is way below minimum unless your like 15 years old
fender frontman sucks, i have one (friends amp, i have it until i get my own)
and... there are alot of israeli people here?
so far ive seen two except me
heres the UG reviews of the amp:

im pretty sure that for 600 you can get a very nice tube combo
i dont need a review of someone else, i need someone who tryed them both, or the peavey and another amp, ill say if i heard it.
and im 16 so the minimum wadge for me is 16.6 per hour.
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careful with the bumps you're not allowed to bump your own threads. Those amps aren't widely used on UG so you might be waiting a while. I own a Frontman 65R which I was able to pick up cheap and I use it as a beat up practise amp but it's definitely not the greatest amp. Cleans are passable but the distortion is awful