I'm selling a Epiphone Les Paul Pirates of the Caribbean guitar, it's a limited edition with only a few hundred worldwide I am lead to believe. Bought it for £320 new and I think it will appreciate in value so I'm not looking for low offers on that one.

Near mint condition, please PM or leave a post.

I'm also selling a project guitar of mine that never really got finished, les paul shape w/ gold gotoh hardware and EMG 81/85 solderless set, it would be pretty good if someone wanted to refinish it or just salvage it's parts.

In need or re-finish, PM and leave a post.

I'm selling some spare speakers + tweeters for cheap, may use these to equal out a trade.

I'm selling a Behringer OD 100 and Auto-wah.

I'm willing to less my Line 6 Spider III 15W if that comes in handy for a trade or anyone wants to buy it.

I may be able to find other things to add and if you're not sure, just PM.

I'm looking to buy a Parker P44 V and that's the reason I'm selling - a) to make some cash for it, b) to justify not having 4 guitars at once.


Thanks for viewing, I'm based in Leeds and feel free to offer me about anything.


Would you be interested in trading the Line 6 Spider for my relic partscaster?


What region of cash offers are you after for the project LP, or would you consider trades? A ps3, or a laptop, or something..
cheers dude, if i get any cash from these guys we'll see


I'm pretty set on the p44.. I've also got some other purchases in mind, thanks anyway, you never know!

Opened another thread selling my acoustic if anyone from here is intersted.


I know theres another guy around here selling fully wired EMG's by themselves for like £80 you'd be better off going to him than me, i'd rather not scrap it for parts..


How much for the Line 6 Spider? =]
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Sorry I shoulda mentioned that the spider's gone,

anyways dandadog I pm'd you and am awaiting a reply