I've done some things i must forget
Regress my sins; or better yet
Erase my identity, it's useless to me
A face without a name, makes it kind of hard to see

Altered minds don't care too much for games
They just want to be discovered through various fames
Sell your body, your mind, even your soul
Dance with the devil baby, you can't say no

Couldn't live in heaven, wouldn't look good with wings
I've robbed with thieves, killed with mobsters, smoke and drank with kings
I am god's forgotten son
And I'll do it all over again in the land of a thousand suns
"You've got to dance like nobody else is watching.
Dream like you will live forever.
Live like you're going to die tomorrow,
and love like it is never gonna hurt."
-- James Dean (1931-1955)

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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
I loved it, very good, is that the finished version? I wish it was longer, I enjoyed it so much.