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MJM London Fuzz 2
7 32%
MJM China Fuzz
0 0%
Zvex Mastotron
3 14%
12 55%
Voters: 22.
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Sorry about making these threads all of a sudden,

I'v narrowed it down to a few fuzz's and would like to know what people think would be best to go for.

I play an SSS Strat and like red hot chili's, hendrix, blues, funk, classic rock, rock etc

I want something thick and creamy haha

Give me a reason why you voted for what too please

Thanks, Luke.
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I wouldn't use a devi for what you play. Out of those I'd say the London Fuzz, I've heard very good things for what you play. Also maybe look at an Octave fuzz if you wanna do Hendrix.
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I don't know much about the ones you listed but I have an Analogman Sun Face NKT 275 and it is by far the best fuzz I have ever used. It can go from thick Black Keys/Cream fuzz right to head buzzing crazyness. (I play an SSS Strat too)
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Nah TS, definitely don't get a Devi pedal, they're pretty crap for what you want, I'd go for the MJM London Fuzz, or maybe a Musket fuzz, that might be a bit too heavy for Hendrix-y stuff though.
Cheers for the opinions guys...I really have something to think about.

I'm still looking for more ideas thanks

And Luke is an awsome name!! The change to capitals you used was really needed for it

EDIT: I'm really leaning towards the MJM London Fuzz
And another Luke here! But that's besides the point.

I say either get a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz or Fix'd Fuzz V3. The Musket is more distortiony and thick, but the Fix'd Fuzz will get you any fuzz tone you've ever heard. Ever. In your life.

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I'd say look at either a Dunlop Fuzz Face or a Zvex fuzz factory. The Fuzz Factory might be a little overkill though.
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The Fuzz Factory is not at all what is needed. He wants classic fuzz, not gated and crazy.
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Yeah! Cheers man...

I really like fuzz pedals so might end up with 2 on my board. Think i'll go with the London Fuzz ii now, and later...

a Zvex wooley Mammoth (if im lucky) or something like a china fuzz or even might build an octave fuzz clone.

Like this perhaps http://www.buildyourownclone.com/octavefuzz.html

has anyone heard how these are atall?

Man, I got like 3 on my board right now.

A hybrid Fuzz Face, a Civil War Muff, and a Tonebender MKIII. I'm putting back on my Octavia soon, and I have a second fuzz face I'm modifying still.
There's still more circuits I have on my desk, too!

You can never have too much fuzz!

EDIT: That BYOC is a nice one, it's an Octavia.
They all have their purposes.

I use the Octavia for big single note riffs, and for wild sounding solos.
The Civil War Muff is for big singing and high sustained solos.
The DragNFly (hybrid Fuzz Face) is great just for overall rhythm. Very versatile.
The Tonebender MKIII is for big rhythm and single note riffs.

I probably like the Muff or Tonebender best, though.
Is this fuzz pedal ----------- http://www.buildyourownclone.com/leeds.html

...a clone of this one...



I might just build one...I love how deep the superfuzz gets!!
honestly you might be happy with just a plain EHX Big Muff... I mean they are like $70 new and like $45-50 used...
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