Hey folks, picked up a new baby this weekend. This time it's a 1997 Taylor 710. I'm very partial to the mid to late 90's Taylors these days and this one just reinforces that belief even more.

Sitka top, EIR back and sides, fossilized walrus ivory saddle and bone nut. It's also been modifyed a bit more with Gotoh 510 tuners and a passive K&K pickup. It's glorious! Also has the Taylor-made "pink poodle" case which looks awesome.

I love the abalone dots, a great touch!

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Nice Nice! Very nice instrument you've got there. I bet it sounds and plays amazingly. HNGD!
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that is such a nice instrument, congrats on your purchase. wish i had the money to get a nice taylor, they sound so sweet and pretty, haha.