So, one of these amps has shown up at my local shop for $250. This seems like a steal to me, and I have been looking for a 12 combo to bring up to the University with me this fall (cause it honestly sucked not being able to play last year). I know people are going to tell me to go try it out, but I just had knee surgery and am unable to go and try it out. So if its worth it, I was going to ask the store to hold it for me for a couple days until I can get somebody to drive me up to the store to try it.

So should I ask them to hold it for me? I play ALOT of prog-rock (from all eras, so Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theater, Tool, Porcupine Tree), classic rock, blues, metal, and some jazz. I've heard this is a great metal amp, but I need good mid gain tones and semi decent cleans as well.

thanks in advance
Yes. It's a great amp, very versatile, etc. and that's an absolute STEAL. It's in the same vein as Peavey's XXX and 3120 amps.
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