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Hey there, i was thinking of converting my roland cube 60 into head+ 1x12 cab for now, so i can use it with a 4x12 later on! I love half stacks!

The cube already has a external speaker out, so i won't be messing with speaker ohms and such.

now I was thinking of changing the knob lay-out, but the potmeters are soldered directly onto the PCB. This shouldn't be a problem right? i could solder them off and connect them using wires?

What's the right way to build a chassis for the new head? i know it needs metal for grounding. does anyone have any tutorials or hints/tips for building head chassises?

I know some of the caps can be electronically charged, even with the power cut. How do i go about uncharging these? again Tutorials/Hints?

Could i unscrew the PCB where the pots are on, and thereby removing its ground?

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If you need pics of specific parts, post it, i can make them rightaway.

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers!
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Dude, I will be following this, I love my Cube 30x, and making it louder would rock.
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Hi Bingt! I've done a lot of modifying to my Cube15X, and I'm assuming that the design for that is ultimately the same for the 60X, albeit with added effects and the like.

The pots are directly soldered on, so yes you could desolder them and wire them somewhere else. That would be a very meticulous task though!

The Cube's electronics are mounted on a metal enclosure as you know, and you can find the ground screwed against the chassis. There are a few other places where there is a ground but so long as you have everything contacting a new chassis as it did in the old one, you'll be fine. The pots themselves aren't grounded to the chassis, but by mounting them on metal you solve that possibility anyway.

Like I said, since a lot of heads are a wood or HDPB enclosure with a metal chassis, finding a place to ground shouldn't be an issue.
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it works with other combos, it should be fine as long as you do as mentioned above ^^

I did that with my Fender Champ 25se. The cab is my own, made out of baltic birch - 2 Eminence texas heats.

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Yeah, I don't agree with either of the poll options

It's a perfectly find idea, and as long as you know what you are doing, it's fairly simple.

Yes you can just desolder the pots and us wires to reattach them, just make sure you know which terminal is which.

You can get metal enclosures if you want, I know mouser has tons of them.

And yes, caps can store very large amounts of charge. If you look in the first picture on the right, there is a thing that looks to have a large coil of very small wire in it, that is your transformer. Near that, you should have some very big capacitors, that is what you want to discharge.

To do that, use a high wattage resistor and short the terminals together. Another way I just read about is to take the leads of a socketed 100W light bulb and attach it to the capacitor leads, it will light up, then discharge through that.


Since it's SS I doubt it has any high voltage capacitors.
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