Hi I'm a pretty moderate guitar player and I'm trying to learn/ improve from songs to make a song that I can play for the family and my girlfriend and I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas to help me improve this song right so for the intro this is what I have (yeah it starts like stairway to heaven)
also please dont make fun of my tabbing skills im new at this lol
E -------5-7-5-------|- ----787-------2-|-----5-7-5-----|-------5---7--------|
B -----5-------5----- |----5-------5-----|----5-------5---|-----5-----5--------|
G ---5-----------5--- |--5-----------5--|---5----------5--|---5-------5------|
D -7----------------- |5----------------|-3----------------|-------------------|
A ------------------- |-----------------|-------------------|-7-----------------|
E ------------------- |-----------------|-------------------|--------------------|

E -------5-7-5-------|- ----787-------2-|-----5-7-5-----|-----5-------5-------|
B -----5-------5----- |----5-------5-----|----5-------5---|-----5-------5------|
G ---5-----------5--- |--5-----------5--|---5----------5--|----5-------5------|
D -7--------------- - |5----------------|-4----------------|--3------2-----------|
A ----------------- - |-----------------|-------------------|------------------|
E ------------------ |-----------------|-------------------|--------------------|

that sucks i know but its the best i have right now for the song but is there anything you can help to add ono to this song or some songs i can go by that would go along with this or can be improved from? any help is highly appreciated and will be accredited for.
How can we tell the note durations? They're all 8th notes? And what tempo is it at?
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I apoligize man for my lack of knowledge im still learning that stuff butit should be about the same tempo as stairway to heaven i mean im just going at it with this all i really need help with is building it so its like a song. I'm sorry again for my lack of knowledged but if anyone is going to tell me to set the guitar down im not because ive learned alot of songs and i continue to play but i will look up on this later and get back to you
[ edit ok i feel stupid >.<] h=half note,
E -------5-7-5-------|- ----787-------2-|-----5-7-5-----|-------5---7h--------|
B -----5-------5----- |----5-------5-----|----5-------5---|-----5-----5h--------|
G ---5-----------5--- |--5-----------5--|---5----------5--|---5-------5h------|
D -7----------------- |5----------------|-3----------------|-------------------|
A ------------------- |-----------------|-------------------|-7-----------------|
E ------------------- |-----------------|-------------------|--------------------|after you play the last part to this you pause the play
__________________________________________________ ______

E -------5-7-5-------|- ----7-8-7-------2-|-----5-7-5-----|-----5h-------5h-------|
B -----5-------5----- |----5-------5-----|----5-------5---|-----5h-------5h------|
G ---5-----------5--- |--5-----------5--|---5----------5--|-----5h-------5h------|
D -7--------------- - |5----------------|-4----------------|--3---------2-----------|
A ----------------- - |-----------------|-------------------|------------------|
E ------------------ |-----------------|-------------------|--------------------|
right i dont think this helped much but yea
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im sorry dude its sounds like an awesoem song ill have to learn it later but im trying to keep it acousttic seeing as i dont have an overdrive pedal but thanks anyway anyoone know songs that have parts that can go along with this?