My band has two members, a vocalist, and me, the guitarist.
We plan on having drums, second guitar, and bass come out of the P.A live.
We own an 8 speaker (4 on each side) P.A with an 800 watt head.
We have all the recorded tracks, how we want it to play live.

My question is how should we go about doing this live?

If anyone would like to take a listen: myspace.com/theonfall

Also, someone please tell me how to change my signature, I havnt been on here for a couple years nor do I support my sig anymore hahaha
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Ummm.....I don't understand the problem......just play the pre recorded tracks through the PA
You mean you don't support the legalization of marijuana anymore or you don't support metal? I hope for your sake it's the metal
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I dont support MJ anymore, but we want our P.A to somehow be connected to the house's P.A. To utilize awesomeness

Why? To extend set up time and piss off the venue owners with a band that insists they use their own PA?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.