I am thinking about getting either one of these effects pedals. What I like about the POD is that you can download tones, and there is already presettings to a bunch of songs, so you dont have to tweak it yourself. But can I also get the tone from bands lion the BOSS ME-50 as well?
Which one is better in your opinion, which one can I get better sounds out of?
The pocket pod is pretty bad, I'd go for something grander such as the XT or X3, perhaps the live versions. As for the BOSS pedal I can't tell, never used one.
Neither are that great and the presets are pretty bad. If i had a choice between those 2 I don't think I'd get anything.. Look for a used gt8 or XT Live.
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I've got an ME-50 and personally I think it sounds pretty good. It's got plenty of effects, all of which you can control reasonably well. I've never had any problems with it. To the best of my knowledge though, it does not have presets to songs, nor can you download any. Like I said though, I've never really looked. I'd say go to your guitar shop and play with them both, see which one you can get a sound you like out of. I will warn you that the wah on the ME-50 is lackluster at best, BUT it more than makes up for it by being able to drop you down an entire octave, for the times when you need to be super br00t4lz!