got another song for you all to check out, again its the same set up (too lazy to download and learn to use proper recording stuff and drum machines)

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Its not QUITE finished yet, mainly because it got late but was quite chuffed with the end product, so it does end quite awkwardly. And the quality is quite shite due to the equipment used.

Will crit back as usual


When the lead comes in @ 0:51 it sounds epic! the rhythm sounds awesome too. But I think the main riff is really reptitive , predictable and could use a few different turns. I think if you added strings it would give it alittle more room to breathe. Currently the focus is way too much on the rhythm guitar. You need to add a bass or some ambient noise draw less attention from it.


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Very cool riff at the start - definitely got my attention there, so good start! Very skilled playing as well, hard to keep that consistent.

Panning at 0.27 is drool worthy (weird phrase to use, i know) - love it when the lead comes in at 0.51. The backing there is really nice too, not the usual type. Although I would the lower the volume of the backing there to let the lead shine through.

Not sure of the harmonies at 1.27, something's a bit off there. I would leave it with just the main riff if I were you.

I could see this benefitting from some vocals - perhaps try and fit them somewhere in there?
Also, try bring the bass up a bit and varying the guitar riffs a bit - this would add some good variation.
Although, I do like how you have stuck a sly key change in there - perfect. And leads into the next riff, epic!

Great work! I love it! Good to see someone on UG relating the end back to the original riff, and building up all the way towards the end! Keep it up!

C4C? Thanks
That was great man! I really enjoy some thrash, and this fit the bill. The whole thing was really well played, there are some great chromatic riffs in there. I like the leads that you had panned separately, they added a lot to the mood and atmosphere. This song makes me wanna fire up Doom and blast away, I like the intensity level. The last minute of the track was especially cool, nice machine gun beats. The very end was a nice touch, I think it was reversed guitar right? Sounded great to me, nice work here and keep it up!!
My pc blue screened at 45 seconds haha :P
Very cool intro riffs and throughout the song. Some parts might get a tad bit repetitive, but that's just me. I like the melodies that you've got going too. The riff at 2.45 was great with the bright divebombs(?) haha. That and the very end were probably my two favourite parts :P Loved the end xD Good job, keep at it

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If its repetitive it is only because there are no vocals. That is an awesome metal track. Really cool riff at the start.