So, I use POD Farm, and after thousands of attempts to remove fizz when I'm playing, i still fail. Every time i think i've removed it, i save my settings, and when i come back to it later its fizzing.
I'm seeking UG's expert advice on how to reduce the fizz, not in my recordings, but in my ears. I've tried loads of stuff (using a spectrum, EQ's, Mic preamps etc.) but i still cant crack it.
Has anyone had this problem and solved it?
Does anyone have this problem?
How can i fix it?
All advice is helpful
There's a short clip on my profile if you need. I'm using a Line 6 Studio UX1 and an Epiphone G400 w/iron gear hot slag pups. And some random headphones which came with my old starter amp.
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Could be the cab and mic you're using, tweaking those usually helps me get rid of any harsh higher frequencies (although most of the time I just disable the cab and use impulses). Not sure which of the clips you're talking about but I am guessing the Fizz man clip.
From my personal experience, POD fizz seems to lurk around the 6-7kHz mark.

If you fix your clipping problem, but still find yourself with some extraneous fuzz/fizz, try, as a few others have already mentioned, some different mic and amp combos (I've found that the 2X12s generally sound better than the 4X12s.).

Another anti-fizz option would be too slightly raise the mids on the amp(s) you're using.
If you've got Pod Farm 2, enable the noise gate on it. You'll lose a little dynamics but it helps remove the fizz.
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Notice when you palm mute it gets really bad?

You're clipping. Meaning your output is too loud, just reduce that a bit.

But if you're actually talking about fizzy high frequencies, then take everything above 10k down on the eq. Maybe even take 8k down a bit.
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