pretty cool stuff guys, i cant def hear the protest influence! the music it self i think its pretty good, but the mixing of the song CAN be better...im doing free mixing,i might be able to hook you guys up with a better mix! let me know!
Hey, Pretty cool track. I am actually a big fan of Protest the Hero and BTBAM and bridging the two with electro stuff sounds awesome. I feel like there is a lot of potential there.

I actually agree with zenabi87 about the mixing. The guitars need to be louder. It sounds like everything is the same volume or something.

Check out our song, we have similar influences.

I really don't know how I feel about it. One thing is for sure, that recording could be better.
I really like it! Your page looks nice, clean, and simple. The only flaw, is that a better recording/mix would do you guys a lot of justice. I say that to a lot of people, but if the mix sucks, people won't like it.

Great job!

One quick question. Who did your layout? I really like how it's simple, but looks good.
Nice, I enjoyed it. As said before, the mixing and volume is not so good. And some guitar parts were just bad.

But I liked it overall, also the myspace layout is nice and simple and brings a somewhat good "professional" look to it!

Please check out my band(and blog if you want too )
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