I've got three amp heads that are all buzzing way too much, and of course, I don't know why. I know the Peavey xxx head needs new tubes, but the two Crate amps are also noisy as heIl.

I'm not sure if it's the amps or the cabs. The xXx and one Crate head are stacked on top of a Behringer 4x12 cab, and there's a Peavey 4x12 under another Crate combo.

It's gotten to the point where the noise is keeping me from hearing other players.

What do I do?

Also what kind of tubes should I get? Mesa? Sovitek?...

Feel free to keep this thread alive for your own noisy amp problems.
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Buzzing can be any number of problems. If it's happening with all your amps, I'd doubt that it's just the amps. What kinda cables are you using? Cheap cables could sometimes cause this problem. Electronics such as computers could also be the culprit. Or it could be something with your guitar. I can't really tell with the given information.

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Have you tried a noise gate?

This too. I dunno why, but I was assuming you had one. This could help, but if it's as bad as you said, there's something else causing the issue that can be fixed and cut out a lot of noise.
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