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Voters: 4.
OK, is it just me, or are the advertisements on here starting to get a little bit out of hand?

I just finished reading the front page review about the 40th anniversary re-release of Black Sabbath's Paranoid. It then occurred to me that I haven't heard (or played) my favorite song by them, Electric Funeral, in years and years.

"I'm going to scroll on up to the search bar, find a really awesome 5-star Power Tab, and relearn the shit out of this song" I thought. But when I reached the top of the page, this is what I found waiting for me:

Not only does the god damn Sherwin Williams ad cover the search bar, but it's "x" is cleverly covered up by that stupid fucking Metal Gear Solid ad. I was being forced against my will to watch a video put together by the Sherwin-William's money pit about how cozy and energy efficient my home could be if if just "Ask Sherwin Williams". Who knew they were secretly working with Sony all along to slowly destroy the reputation and integrity of Ultimate Guitar as we know it.

I know UG is not a democracy, but I feel We, the faithful Pit-Monkies, have a right and the obligation to put a stop to this.

Advertising on a site whose members join for free is a completely understandable, and obviously necessary thing to keep this Dream alive. But when advertising interferes with the functionality and overall goal of said website, a problem arises.

Attached is a poll. Please vote, and keep Ultimate Guitar in the hands of the musicians.

Also, mod participation is greatly appreciated.



1. Download Firefox
2. Download Adblock Plus
4. Problem Solved!
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
1. Don't come on UG just to complain about UG?


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DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY ADVERTISEMENT BLOCKERS! It costs UG money and you can be banned for it.

TS, take it to the Advertisement report forums and the Russians will try and handle it.

EDIT: ^ That.


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