I'm sure there are literally TONS of threads about this, but I used to play guitar myself. I got a drum set and guitar became a smaller and smaller part of my life. Now I am getting back into it, and I'm basically re-learning how to play. There are certain things I hear about playing guitar that it is IMPERATIVE to learn in the beginning. I'm not talking the basics, I mean the mechanics of playing a guitar. A big one I hear is keeping your strumming arm from resting on the guitar for optimal speed later on. Are there more things like this? Because this time, I hope to get pretty good at guitar.
Just picked up playing guitar again, using justinguitars beginner course for now...

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well 'keeping your strumming arm from from resting on the guitar for optimal speed later on' isn't a real biggy. It gives a certain sense of stability when learning to play and it isn't hard to 'unlearn' that habbit :P

might want to keep you thumb away from the fretboard because that one is hard to unlearn when it becomes a habbit, it can become a problem with barres, sweep picking and makes the part between your thumb and index finger ache.

also you'd like to keep your fingers (index, middle, ring and pinky) above the fretboard. it will be easier to get your hands in position if they dont have to make a big move from underneath the neck, all the way to the frets.

For when you want to play with a pick: dont use the complete plastic slab to strum, the tip (about 1 mm) is large enough to pick clean, hard and acurate. but you might of already knew that :P

one last thing, not that important if you're not useing it, is not to remove all your strings at the same time when you have a Floyd Rose tremolo. it's tension has to stay put, otherwise it will reaaaally f*ck up your sound and tuning will be a pain in the ass.

Hope this helped you for now